Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All About Me

Hey! My name is Ashleigh Sadler and I am Freshman. I am from Pittsburgh.  I grew up 5 minutes outside of the city, so having all the open space here is definitely a change. I am a huge Steelers fan and I love the Yankees. My Dad grew up with the lead singer from the band Train. I have been able to go to many of his concerts as a result of them being friends. I have worked at daycare for almost four years with all ages from infants to school age. Working at the daycare made me want to obtain a major in Early Childhood Education with Special Education. 
I think that learning with technology is a huge benefit in today's world. Everything is changing from the old fashion text book, to being able to download a text book on a kindle, saving a lot of money. I have never had to teach with technology but, I feel like it would be easier to stick with a chalk board or even white board when teaching children rather than using a smart board.
I believe teaching is a way to help others learn and grow. As teachers, we leave lasting effects on the children we will teach. I know of teachers who have made differences in my life, and teachers who I never want to be like.